Santap Sore di Relatives Jakarta Coffee, Maknyus Tenan

Relatives Jakarta Coffee
Relatives Jakarta Coffee

Actually, we wanted to stop by last week at Relatives Jakarta Coffee. However, because it was still daytime, it turned out that this cafe wasn’t open yet. Although on google map it is stated that it is open from the morning but unfortunately the information is no longer valid. Because during this PPKM, this coffee shop is open from 3 pm.

So because our stomachs were already hungry, we decided to have lunch at Artikula Kopi . And again planning to visit this coffee shop. Precisely after Asr, Sunday afternoon we decided to return to visit Relatives Jakarta because we were still curious.

Sebenarnya, kami ingin mampir ke Relatives Jakarta Coffee minggu lalu. Namun karena masih siang, ternyata kafe ini belum buka. Walaupun di google map disebutkan buka dari pagi tapi sayang informasinya sudah tidak valid lagi. Karena selama PPKM ini, kafe ini buka dari jam 3 sore.

Jadi karena perut kami sudah lapar, kami memutuskan untuk makan siang di Artikula Kopi. Dan kami pun masih berencana untuk mengunjungi kafe ini. Tepatnya setelah Ashar, Minggu sore kami memutuskan untuk kembali mengunjungi Relatives Jakarta karena rasa penasaran yang membuncah.

It’s not so difficult, to get to Relatives Jakarta Coffee, you can follow Jalan Malaka or precisely in front of Pesona Cilangkap Housing.

Relatives Jakarta Coffee
Relatives Jakarta Coffee

If you live in Ciracas like us (Jalan Malaka), I suggest it’s easier to use motorbike. You just need to follow the straight direction of the Malacca road until there is an Indomaret T-junction then turn left. After that you go straight for about 1 km.

Indeed, the place is a bit hidden, but don’t worry, you can still use the benchmark for cilangkap charm housing. Because it’s right across from the housing, or you can use a google map with the Relatives Jakarta Coffee point.

After arriving, there is a parking lot that is not so wide but enough to fit a motorbike. And for those of you who bring a car, it may take up a bit of space because the parking lot is not that wide. This parking area also has an amazing view. Starting from the small garden on the left, the cotton trees are towering which makes this area cool. On the right side there is also the office of this coffee shop.

Jika kamu tinggal di Ciracas seperti kami (Jalan Malaka), saya sarankan lebih baik menggunakan motor.Kamu hanya perlu mengikuti arah jalan Malaka sampai ada pertigaan Indomaret lalu belok kiri. Setelah itu kamu langsung jalan sekitar 1 km.

Memang tempatnya agak tersembunyi, tapi jangan khawatir, kamu tetap bisa menggunakan patokan perumahan pesona cilangkap. Karena tepat di seberang perumahan tersebut, atau bisa menggunakan google map dengan titik Relatives Jakarta Coffee.

Complete Address : Jl. Malacca No.10, RT.4/RW.1, Cilangkap, Kec. Cipayung, East Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 13840

The Blue Gate Is Wide Open Welcoming Every Visitor, The Outdoor Room With An Instagramble Appearance Even More Makes This Coffee Shop Demanded by Millennials.

After parking the motorbike, we immediately entered the cafe area. On the left is a yellow Volkswagen (VW) car that has been decorated with lights. The car has also been transformed like a room made like a house and there are several old school cameras.

On the other side, there are some ornamental banana plants, or to be precise Heliconia Psittacorum and Kalatea. Not only that, there are also some coffee trees in pots which indicate that the coffee served here is genuine. There is also a small fountain and a building designed like glamping.

We continued to walk to the cashier’s desk and at the same time ordered food and drinks. Then go back to choosing a table where to eat. We also chose in an open building that is neatly arranged. There are table chairs and sofas, actually there are many choices for places to eat.

Some are in the garden, beside the flowers and in the open space like us. But unfortunately, this coffee shop is very warm because it does not have air conditioning in the form of a fan or anything else. In fact in the place where we stayed there was actually a fan hanging. But unfortunately it doesn’t work well.

Eating delicious dishes with melodious music is really delicious, but unfortunately there are also flies flying near our meal.

After the food we ordered arrived, everything was normal at first. Before finally there were some flies that started to land on the food and had to be expelled. Then we started to move tables from 3 to 1, but the flies didn’t go away. Even though it finally left after we chased it away.

We ordered two drinks, namely Milkshake Orea and Black Tea. Besides that, we also ordered Cireng Rujak, Roti Bakar and relatives quasadilla.

The cireng salad is very tasty with a chewy texture that fits on the tongue, the color is quite pleasing to the eye. Added with chili paste, the perfect combination between cireng and chili sauce.

This Relatives Queasadilla may be one of the mainstay menus here. It tastes very good with a pizza-like appearance. There is a yellow color on it like noodles which made my son touch it but unfortunately not noodles. Because at first I ordered spaghetti carbonara but unfortunately the food made from noodles was running out. My son really likes to eat spaghetti.

Toast is the same as usual, nothing special except for the chocolate which is quite a lot and not too stingy. Likewise with Black Tea, the same as in general tea with a very sweet taste. Maybe those of you who avoid too much sugar should tell you right away when ordering.

Prices, Menu and Services Relatives Jakarta Coffee.

Saya baca dari beberapaa review kafe ini di google map, bahwa harga yang ada di menu dan kasir ada yang berbeda. Saya akan coba cek dengan yang saya pesan dengan yang di daftar menu. Karena memang saya fhoto menunya dan hasilnya memang sama.

  1. Milkshake Orea Rp. 28.000,-
  2. Black Tea Rp. 15.000,-
  3. Roti Bakar Rp. 22.000,-
  4. Rujak Cireng Rp. 22.000,-
  5. Relatives Quesadilla Rp. 27.000,-

Ketika masuk dan langsung ke kasir, sama pada umumnya. Pelayananan sangat ramah namun kurang informatif. Misalnya tidak menginformasikan bahwa ada beberapa dimenu yang tidak tersedia. Bagi saya sendiri sebenarnya tidak masalah.

Namun untuk lalat yang tiba-tiba datang rasanya agak aneh. Mungkin karena banyak orang yang merokok dan untuk orang yang selesai makan ketika kami berkunjung tidak langsung dibersihkan mejanya. Hanya di ambil tempat makanannya, mungkin saja karena orang yang bertanggungjawab atas kebersihan memang lagi membersihkan halaman depan.

So the people at the cashier and others are not responsible for cleanliness and there are already people cleaning themselves. Because indeed when we visited, the cleaners were busy cleaning the park near the parking lot.